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Expert fears Canadian teen vaping on the rise

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Research collected over the past six months reflects an alarming rise in teen vaping, according to a public health expert.

Professor David Hammond of the University of Waterloo said that the preliminary findings paint a similar picture to the situation in the US, where FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has declared teen vaping to be an ‘epidemic’.

The professor presented his findings at a federal Scientific Advisory Board on Vaping Products meeting. Several Health Canada officials were present at the event.

Professor Hammond said:

“We have been trying to find ways why this data isn’t robust. We have not been able to find any reason.

“All signs are very worrisome.”

The professor wanted to make Health Canada aware of the trend before results from the ongoing Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey are published in 2019.

“If your job is to regulate vaping, I don’t know how someone wouldn’t be concerned about some of the market trends we’ve seen.”

The Canadian Paediatric Society called for a ban of flavoured e-cigarettes in November. However, Health Canada spokesperson Maryse Durette said that restrictions that ban “the promotion of flavours that may be appealing to youth, such as candy and dessert flavours” were already in place.

“Flavours help make vaping liquids palatable to adult smokers seeking a less harmful alternative to tobacco.

“Therefore, the use of flavours in vaping liquids is not prohibited under the TVPA [Tobacco and Vaping Products Act].”

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