Minors and flavours – a new survey reveals the main concerns Canadians have with vaping

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A new survey has revealed the majority of Canadians are concerned about young people using e-cigarettes. Findings from a survey by the Vancouver-based non-profit Angus Reid Institute show that almost 90 [...]

“There is an epidemic spreading” – The FDA’s new anti-teen vaping PSA is here

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The US Food and Drug Administration has released a new public service announcement video aimed at deterring 'epidemic' teen vaping. The video, called 'The Real Cost' was recently launched on [...]

Advocacy group urges Prince Albert council to reconsider smoking bylaw

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A non-profit advocacy group is calling on Prince Albert city council to revisit its recently passed bylaw on smoking in public places as it includes vaping. The Consumer Choice Center [...]

US: Companies cease sale of ‘kid-friendly’ e-liquids following FDA, FTC warnings

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The US Food and Drug Administration this week announced a selection of US-based vape companies have stopped selling products which resemble candies, juice boxes and snacks. It follows a period [...]

Australia: Major political party emerges as pro-vaping for the first time

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A division of the Liberal Party of Australia has called on the State Opposition to legalize vaping. The Western Australia branch of the political party passed a motion at its state conference [...]